Humber Strategies

Your Public Affairs and Commmunications Partner

HUMBER STRATEGIES was created out of a need to bring enhanced opportunities for companies and organizations to the federal, provincial and municipal governments in order for them be successful with their objectives, industry requests and growth. We also provide communication services to effectively convey our clients’ business to the public, media and decision makers.

Our passion is to serve South Central Ontario, First Nations communities, and select clients in the Greater Toronto Area through independent or small businesses, non-profit organizations and those groups who contribute to rural Ontario. We also specialize with short term contract needs, knowing that clients can emerge with specific, time sensitive purposes.

Humber Strategies believes that public affairs advocacy is part of democratic procedure and that access to the legislative process and our decision makers should be available to everyone. That is why we serve our clients at fair rates and work within our limits. We believe in hard work and an understanding of government – not just connections and favours.

Depending on your needs at a particular time, we are able to employ the talents of Ontario’s best people to further enhance our clients’ objectives and serve them in a holistic manner.

We believe that doing business with you is a partnership: while we may never know your industry as well as you do, with your expertise and knowledge of your business and industry, and with our expertise and passion for public affairs, we both can find mutual success. This collaboration is what will make us great partners.

We are proud to:

  • represent companies and organizations we believe in,
  • represent companies and organizations that do not conflict with one another,
  • follow the provincial and federal lobbying codes of conduct,
  • be an active member of the Public Affairs Association of Canada.

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